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So you’re in town for Steampunk unLimited?
Here are some great things to do!

Steampunk Strasburg RR So you’re in town for Steampunk unLimited?
-Here are some great things to do!

Steampunk unLimited is such a cool event, and brings such an awesome group of people to Lancaster. We're home to world-renowned scenery, cuisine, history, and fun. During your downtime, explore the sights around you and find some exciting ways to spend your days. We've compiled a list of great places for you to visit while you're here. Don't forget to bring your camera!

Things To Do While At Steampunk

Aside from the great program at Steampunk, Lancaster does have a great assortment of things to do. Whether you come early, stay late, or do these in between events at Steampunk, check out these great things to do in Lancaster.

Strasburg Ghost Tour

Ghost Tour.JPG Strasburg Ghost Tour

Chasing spectral beings … in full Steampunk regalia! What could be more fun? The Strasburg Ghost Tour is an institution, and one that would be quite amusing to complete donning something you would wear at Steampunk.

Ghost Tours of Strasburg's website | map it | Ghost Tours of Strasburg | 1 E. Main St., Strasburg, Pennsylvania, 17579

Cherry Crest Adventure Farm

cherry crest Cherry Crest Adventure Farm

A corn maze … in full Steampunk regalia! (Noticing a pattern?) Cherry Crest is the a-MAIZE-ing corn maze of Lancaster County, and is a ton of fun (with or without the outfit). Check it out in the dark with (or without) flashlights.

Cherry Crest Adventure Farm's website | map it | (717) 687-6843 | Cherry Crest Adventure Farm | 150 Cherry Hill Road, Ronks, Pennsylvania, 17572

Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania

railroad museum.JPG Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania

Directly across the street from the railroad, you will find the state railroad museum of Pennsylvania. It is an oasis of locomotive history with all kinds of trains and information thereof. Make sure you carve out two hours or so to tour it during your weekend.

Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania's website | map it | (717) 687-8628 | Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania | 300 Gap Road, Strasburg, Pennsylvania, 17579

Art Galleries in Lancaster

art galleries.JPG Art Galleries in Lancaster

Lancaster is renowned for its burgeoning art scene, and nowhere is that more prevalent than in its abundance of art galleries. Some of our favorites are listed on the art gallery page.

Great Spots to Shop

Lancaster has big-city caliber shopping in the charming atmosphere a smaller city cultivates - it truly achieves the best of both worlds. From costume shops to coffee houses, boutiques to holes-in-the-wall, there is an abundance of great shopping in Lancaster.

300 Queen

300 queen.JPG 300 Queen

An entire block with a "quirky, eclectic selection of retro, antique and collectibles shops, brand-name fashions, a glass studio, art galleries, casual cafés, and Downtown Lancaster’s only collection of indoor shops." It's terrific.

300 Queen's website | map it | 300 Queen | 300 N. Queen Street, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 17603


building character.JPG BUiLDiNG CHARACTER

On the aforementioned 300 block of queen, BUiLDiNG CHARACTER is Downtown Lancaster's largest retail destination and its mission is simple: offer vintage, recycled and handmade goods at great prices. Check it out!

BUiLDiNG CHARACTER's website | map it | 717-394-7201 | BUiLDiNG CHARACTER | 342 North Queen Street Warehouse B, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 17603

Black Kat Kollectibles Vintage Shop

black kat.JPG Black Kat Kollectibles Vintage Shop

Vinyl records, vintage clothing, collectibles, housewares, kitchen items, and artwork anchor the inventory of this haven of great shopping in Lancaster.

Black Kat Kollectibles Vintage Shop's website | map it | (717) 330-0559 | Black Kat Kollectibles Vintage Shop | 2705 Old Philadelphia Pike, Bird In Hand, Pennsylvania, 17505


rockvale Rockvale

An outlet bonanza with an abundance of interesting stores to explore. Remember, clothing has no sales tax in Pennsylvania!

Rockvale Outlets's website | map it | 717-293-9595 | Rockvale Outlets | 35 S. Willowdale Drive, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 17602

Places To Eat

From authentic micro-breweries to great Al Fresco dining, the breadth of the culinary options of Lancaster County is astounding for a city of its size. Here are some of our favorite places to eat near Lancaster.

The Belvedere Inn

belvedere.JPG The Belvedere Inn

For unique fine dining – even an Al Fresco option depending on whether you're willing to brave the elements – check out the Belvedere. It’s awesome.

The Belvedere Inn's website | map it | (717) 394-2422 | The Belvedere Inn | 402 North Queen Street, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 17603

Iron Hill Brewery

iron hill.JPG Iron Hill Brewery

A terrific atmosphere for a fantastic brew, Iron Hill Brewery is one of the newer, trendier places to eat in Lancaster. The food is great too.

Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant's website | map it | (717) 291-9800 | Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant | 781 Harrisburg Pike, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 17603

The Fireside Tavern

fireside.JPG The Fireside Tavern

The obvious choice in terms of its proximity to the railroad is the best restaurant in Strasburg, the Fireside Tavern. It has an awesome selection of food. The tavern fries are worth the caloric onslaught.

Fireside Tavern's website | map it | (717) 687-7979 | Fireside Tavern | 1500 Historic Drive, Strasburg, Pennsylvania, 17579

The Speckled Hen

speckled hen.JPG The Speckled Hen

For a great cup of coffee in Strasburg, check out our newest coffee shop, The Speckled Hen! You will think you walked into an artsy metropolis, and then walk out to realize you’re still in the idyllic countryside.

Speckled Hen Coffee's website | map it | Speckled Hen Coffee | 141 E. Main St., Strasburg, Pennsylvania, 17579

Sugar On Top

sugar on top.JPG Sugar On Top

Who doesn’t like doughnuts? Sugar On Top has gourmet doughnuts. Gourmet + Doughnuts = Delicious. Try the bacon doughnut. It’s worth it.

Sugar On Top's website | map it | (717) 617-4700 | Sugar On Top | 4 S Decatur St, Strasburg, Pennsylvania, 17579

Great Photo Spots in Lancaster

One of the best parts of dressing up is posing for photos that appear to be a wrinkle in time. Here are some great locations to try that out.

Railroad.JPG Strasburg Railroad

Strasburg Railroad

Look at that photo! Can you say “awesome”? We don’t plan to say any more than that.

Strasburg Railroad's website | map it | (717) 687-7522 | Strasburg Railroad | 301 Gap Road, Ronks, Pennsylvania, 17572

Streets of Lancaster

lancaster streets.JPG Streets of Lancaster

Take some friends, your garb, and your car into the city, and you will surely find some unique backdrops for an outstanding, one-of-a-kind photo. We’d mention some potential spots, but that would ruin the fun for you!

Lancaster AMTRAK Train Station

amtrak lancaster.JPG Lancaster AMTRAK Train Station

AMTRAK has a station in Lancaster. It’s an old brick building. You can explore the juxtaposition between the steam trains of yesteryear and the sleek, high-speed models of today with an ironic, witty photo.

Amtrak Train Station's website | map it | 717-291-5080 | Amtrak Train Station | 53 E. McGovern Avenue, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 17602

Quarryville Branch Abandoned Railroad

abandoned railroad.JPG Quarryville Branch Abandoned Railroad

Abandoned railroads are always an interesting photo spot, and the closest one spanned from Quarryville to Lancaster. Check out the map at for more information.

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