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Free Desktop Wallpapers

Free Lancaster County Wallpapers Free Desktop Wallpapers

Can't get enough of Lancaster County? You don't really have to leave. Just download a desktop background from our free collection and you'll be transported to the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country every time you fire up your computer or phone.

Simply pick your favorite picture below and select the screen resolution that fits your monitor. Once the image appears, right click to save it to your computer and use as your wallpaper. Enjoy!


American Goldfinch Finch Thumb NourishedAn American Goldfinch rests pensively after dining on a meal of seed.

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Hot Air Balloon Run Ride Soar Thumb SoaringA single balloon soars over the pastoral scene below.

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Twisty Path Twisty Trees Thumb Winding Path

Winding Path

A dusty path winds forward through the landscape.

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Tobacco Barn

Tobacco Barn Thumb Tobacco BarnA smoky sky rolls over a weathered tobacco barn.

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Troubled Waters

Water Under the Bridge Thumb Troubled WatersA beautiful bridge scene shot with daytime long exposure.

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Plowing on Pretty Day Thumb PlowedThe tiny silhouette of a man and his horse plowing a field is seen upon the horizon.

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Dark Quiet Road Thumb SolitudeA dark and desolate road stretches towards an unknown destination.

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Path to Tree at Sunset Thumb AloneThe silhouette of a lone tree stands out against a watercolored evening sky.

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Dark Skies Over Corn Field Thumb WitnessStalks of corn bear witness to a painted summer sky.

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Creeping Corn

The Corn Growing Quickly Thumb Creeping CornThe corn creeps slowly skyward, soon to obscure the view of a white barn.

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Amish Buggy and Barn

Amish House and Buggy Thumb Amish Buggy and BarnA peaceful Amish house and buggy.

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White Barn

Thumb White BarnA weathered white barn exudes charm and beauty.

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Happy Heifer

Cow and Tree Thumb Happy HeiferA lone bovine basks in the afternoon sun.

Mobile Devices (more coming soon)

Destination Unknown

Fence and Path Thumb Destination UnknownAn eerie worn path tempts onlookers to venture beyond the fence.

Mobile Devices (more coming soon)

Sunset on the Farm

Chickens at Sunset Thumb Sunset on the FarmThe sun drops slowly behind a picturesque scene of chickens seeking sustenance.

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The Perfect Day

Most Beautiful Day Thumb The Perfect DayLayers of earth and sky merge in absolute beauty.

Mobile Devices (more coming soon)

Fields of Corn

Dark Fields Thumb Fields of CornStalks of young corn dance in anticipation of a coming storm.

Mobile Devices (more coming soon)

Golden Fields

Golden Field Thumb Golden FieldsA golden field stretches uphill towards an ominous sky.

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Lake Aldred Thumb FallenA fallen tree's image is reflected in the mirrored-surface of Lake Aldred.

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Down on the Farm

Red Amish Farm Thumb Down on the FarmA weathered crimson barn basks in the warm spring sun.

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Vintage Vehicle

Antique Car Thumb Vintage VehicleAn old truck peeks out of a weathered barn inviting us to inspect it further.

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Cows on a Hill

Cows on a Hill Thumb Cows on a HillTwo bovine beauties spend a gorgeous Spring day taking a lazy stroll across the pasture.

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Mud Sale

Amish Waiting in Line Thumb Mud SaleThe Amish attend a mud sale hoping to score some bargains on farm equipment and other supplies during one of many springtime auctions.

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Field of Flowers

Spring Flowers in Lancaster Thumb Field of FlowersA vibrant carpet of blooms ushers Spring in to Lancaster County. Download this cheerful image, free of charge.

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Farm Glowing Gold in Sunlight

Farm Glowing Gold in Sunlight Thumb Farm Glowing Gold in SunlightThe white paint of these farm buildings are aglow with the light of a late winter sunset. Download this complimentary peaceful scene today.

Mobile Devices (more coming soon)

Glowing House at the Falls

Glowing House at the Falls Thumb Glowing House at the FallsDownload this enchanting forest scene and imagine abiding in the cozy warmth of this beautiful hidden home, enhanced by the constant and peaceful sounds of the falls.

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