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Pretzel Tours

Pretzel Factory Tour Lancaster PA Pretzel Tours

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Don't get it twisted, anyone who's worth their salt loves pretzels. And who wouldn't jump at the chance to go behind the scenes and witness how these delightful little knots of deliciousness are made? Numerous pretzel factory tours (that really cut the mustard) are available in Lancaster County for your enjoyment!

Hammond Pretzel Bakery, Inc

Hammond Pretzel Bakery, Inc
Food, Snacks
website | map it | (717) 392-7532 | 716 Southwest End Avenue, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 17603


The Hammond family has been making hand-rolled sourdough pretzels in Lancaster, Pennsylvania since 1931. We use the highest quality ingredients, combine them in a family recipe that dates back to the 1800's, and then hand roll our oven baked hard pretzels for you. This process results in the best Amish / Pennsylvania Dutch Hard Pretzel in the World! We limit our production to maintain these high standards of quality.

Intercourse Pretzel Factory 

Intercourse Pretzel Factory 
Food, Snacks
website | map it | (717) 768-3432 | 3614 Old Philadelphia Pike, Intercourse, Pennsylvania, 17534

A visit to our pretzel factory should convince you there still is something for nothing in today’s world.
Only a handful of companies still hand twist a hard pretzel. It is a lot of work to bake pretzels the old-fashioned way. The taste & texture is unique.

Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery

Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery
Food, Snacks
website | map it | (717) 626-4354 | 219 East Main Street, Lititz, Pennsylvania, 17543

Founded in 1861, the Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery is the first commercial pretzel bakery in America. Help us celebrate our 150th anniversary this year! Tour the original bakery, get a hands-on lesson in pretzel twisting, and taste the results of 150 years of pretzel baking heritage.

Keystone Pretzel Bakery & Outlet

Keystone Pretzel Bakery & Outlet
Food, Snacks
website | map it | 717-560-1882 | 124 West Airport Road, Lititz, Pennsylvania, 17543

Keystone Pretzel Bakery has been baking quality pretzels since 1913 in the heart of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. We have built our reputation for quality and taste over the past century with unique and wholesome snacks, including our Oatzels oat bran pretzels.

Martin's Pretzel Bakery

Martin's Pretzel Bakery
Food, Snacks
website | map it | (717) 859 - 1272 | 1229 Diamond Street, Akron, Pennsylvania, 17501

The bakery is family-owned. Henry Martin started the business in the 30’s. He passed it on to his nephew, Lloyd Martin, in the 70’s. Eleven years later, he in turn sold it to his brother, Clarence, the present owner. We work appx. 8-9 hour days, starting at 6 AM. We usually have one evening shift a week. A crew of 13 employees is ideal. We all get to do the various jobs so no one is twisting, etc. all day long. NO, we do not twist pretzels in our sleep because we do it enough during the day! We sometimes sing hymns and gospel songs as we work . We find this a worth-while work to do till Jesus comes for us at the Rapture. This is a glorious hope indeed. Are you washed in His blood? Jesus paid it all!

Uncle Henry’s Pretzel Bakery

Uncle Henry’s Pretzel Bakery
Food, Snacks
website | map it | 800-683-8375 | 1550 Bowmansville Rd. P.O. Box 219 Bowmansville PA 17507, Mohnton, Pennsylvania, 19540

Uncle Henry's Pretzel Bakery was started in 1983. It is family owned and operated. Our bakery is unique because the pretzels are still made the old fashioned way - by hand. They are hand rolled and twisted from the finest ingredients and made by the Pa Dutch Mennonite and Amish people. All of our hand made pretzels are made with sourdough. The pretzels are slowly baked in a stone hearth oven and then put through a supervised drying process which gives them a delicious crunch and wholesome taste.

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December 2023

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